In India approximately 1 million (10, 00,000) people suffer from moderate to severe burn injury every year (WHO fact sheet 365). Treating burn wound is challenging because there is no standard way of treatment and improper means may lead to scarring, infections, unnecessary pain and trauma for patients and caretakers, and increased costs. It also has a social impact where the family, attendant and people attached to the patient go through severe mental stress due to treatment cost and longer duration of stay in hospital. It is therefore necessary to select an appropriate wound dressing for the management of burn injury cases.

Simple Wounds Better Managed

Effective Method for Better Healing

Superior Mode Of Action

Faster and Better Wound Healing

The Better Alternate to Traditional Wound Care

Highly Absorbent. Faster Geling. Better Wet Strength

Amorphous Hydrogel wound dressing with Colloidal Silver

Amorphous Hydrogel wound dressing with Colloidal Silver