Company Overview

We at Mil laboratories are striving to make the goal of ‘Health’ and ‘Quality of life’ accessible to all. With the vision of making an impact on lives of healthcare professionals and their patients, Mil laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2006. Our initial success In Hospital Infection Prevention segment inspired us to scale new heights and venture into the Advanced Wound Care realm too. Our head quarter is at Mumbai and our GMP approved manufacturing unit is in Vadodara.

Our Vision and Mission

To be a preferred enabler in improving patient and healthcare workers well being through providing continuously improved and advanced products in Advanced Wound Care and the management of Healthcare Associated Infection. To develop products and services which enable healthcare professionals to improve and impact the lives of patients through their journey of recovery. Our objective is to be the preferred and reliable partner in the segment of Advanced Wound Care and Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infection. Thus create a long term sustainable business.

Motivation that drives us forward

The healthcare system has reached a critical juncture at which patient safety, infection prevention, and quality of care in wound management all have become pivotal. Significant changes in the existent module i.e. the delivery of the right care at the right place and the right time has become crucial. These changes represent an unprecedented opportunity for Wound Care providers and Infection Prevention team to accelerate progress towards the better Wound Care and elimination of Healthcare Associated Infections, thereby paving the way for a healthier nation. There is an increased demand for high quality medical products from amongst the population and expanding surgical infrastructure to deliver these safely. We see ourselves not only as a manufacturer of products, but also as a solution provider of newer and improved products for Wound Care providers and the Infection Prevention team.

Both our management and our employees are united in their passion to serve the customers, be it doctors, nurses or patients. We see our customers as our partners with whom we seek to exchange ideas and experiences. This helps foster a culture of customer friendly products and superior quality of service next to none.


Quality is mandatory in any healthcare related product. But for us, quality is not only a necessity but our identity and our legacy. Our Quality Management System governs the overall quality and our Quality Policy is implemented by all. Our GMP certified manufacturing plant is spread over 860 sq. m which includes QA, QC and formulation development. QA formulates working norms which is followed through the production procedures and quality control to yield quality products. QC ensures that the desired quality standards are met. For us quality is not a destination, it is a continuous journey. We constantly try to stay abreast of the latest advances in our field and incorporate newer and better methods and technologies to realize our responsibility of providing products to fulfil the need for effective management of wounds and prevention of Healthcare Associated Infection, thereby paving the way to a healthier nation.

In this endeavor we are backed by our committed formulation development department which strongly supports new product development. The importance of quality is realized by every employee and considers oneself responsible for the quality of their work.

Quality Policy

We are engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ethical products for the wellness of a healthy environment and life

In our pursuit of excellence and growth, we are committed:

– To meet customer requirement & satisfaction by providing quality products of international standards.
– To achieve maximum durability, consistency, accuracy & performance of the products.
– To achieve & maintain high standards of quality management system through employee training for safety, productivity and continuous improvement.
– To practice good manufacturing practices (GMP) and meet other regulatory requirement.


Our range of products is marketed by highly experienced, motivated and well trained marketing professionals who are endowed with extensive training on product knowledge, selling and marketing skills by in-house professionals as well as consultants from outside. Our marketing tool is ‘Evidence-based promotion’, a top priority for the kind of products that we deal in. Our ethical marketing promotion is substantiated with relevant scientific research backup. In co-ordination with marketing, formulation department, QA and the corporate body, Marketing Planning Department (MPD) supports in realizing the vision of the company as it continuously seeks ways to further enhance the competitive position and create equity. Mil laboratories is actively involved in organizing as well as participating in multiple academic opportunities for promoting greater awareness in the field of Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infection and Wound Care by utilizing existing expertise(internal & external).

Our strategy is focused and guided towards putting customer relationship at the heart of the business. We strongly believe that ethical marketing has a long life in our business. We are building momentum every day and we are confident that the result will be a stronger, faster growing, better balanced enterprise that is proactive to equip for the future and is accelerating towards leadership position.