Multipurpose Disinfectant


Termilon* is a ready to use, multi purpose, fast acting antiseptic solution. It is an effective cleansing and disinfecting agent against broad spectrum of microbes.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution I.P. 1.5% v/v
Strong Cetrimide Solution B.P. 3%w/v

Available Pack Size:

  • 1 ltr


  • Efficient and time saving action
  • Compatibility with most materials
  • Excellent cleansing action due to cetrimide
  • Residual antiseptic activity
  • No staining of work surface and equipment, clothing and skin as compared to iodine based solutions
  • Pleasant refreshing fragrance

Where to Use

Termilon* is a multipurpose disinfectant and cleansing solution broadly used for disinfection of skin, wounds, equipment and surfaces.

  • Can be used for skin preparation before surgery and invasive procedures
  • Storage of sterile instrument
  • Disinfecting and cleaning soak for soiled instruments and metal instruments
  • Disinfecting floors in NICU, medical laboratories, recovery room

How to Use

  • For all types of First Aid: dilute 1 part (by volume) of Termilon* with 15 parts (by volume) of water
  • Apply Termilon* on wounds with cotton swabs.


  • Skin antisepsis
  • Surface disinfection
  • Equipment disinfection