Nemiheal is a value added antimicrobial that contains colloidal silver in an amorphous hydrogel base which helps to maintain a moist wound healing environment. It also soothes pain through its cooling effect.
Nemiheal is a clear to pale yellow, odourless, transparent amorphous gel with colloidal silver.


Amorphous hydrogel wound dressing with 32 ppm colloidal silver.

Pack size : 15gm & 50 gm


  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial action including against MRSA, VRE Silver present in nemiheal not only reduces bioburden but also promotes wound healing.
  • Nano silver provides sustained antimicrobial action Hydrogel maintains moist wound environment.

Where to Use

Nemiheal can be used as an aid for the dressing and management of

  • Acute wounds including minor cuts, abrasion, laceration
  • Chronic wounds like pressure ulcer, venous ulcer, diabetic ulcer, burn ( 1st and 2nd degree), donor site, dermal lesion, surgical incision.

It may also be used for wounds susceptible to or exposed to infection.

Suitable for wound conditions like sloughy and granulating wounds

How to Use

  • Thoroughly cleanse the wound.
  • Apply ¼” thickness of nemiheal to shallow wounds or completely fill the deep wounds.
  • Cover with appropriate secondary dressing
  • For removal of nemiheal residue from the wound site, gently irrigate the wound with saline


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