The Better Alternative to Traditional Wound Care


Nemipore® is a sterile, soft, conformable, breathable, non- woven island dressing with non- adherent absorbent pad. It is a versatile dressing.

Composition: Non- Woven Dressing with Non-adherent Absorbent Pad

Code Dressing Size Size of absorbent pad (cm) Dressing Per Carton
5202 5 x 7 3 x 5 25
5404 10 x 10 5 x 5 25
5408 10 x 20 5 x 15 20
5410 10 x 25 5 x 20 10
5414 10 x 35 5 x 30 10


  • Maintains moist environment.
  • Soft and comfortable: Promotes patient’s comfort during healing.
  • Adjusts to the shape of body.
  • Breathable dressing.
  • Bacteria proof dressing.
  • Easy to apply and allows pain-free removal.
  • First line product for low exuding wounds and can be used as a secondary dressing.
  • Sterile, single use dressing

Where to Use

  • Low to moderate exuding wounds
  • Cuts, abrasion and laceration
  • Shallow wounds
  • Can be used as a primary or ideal for secondary dressing

How to Use

  • Prepare wound bed and peri- wound skin as per your facility’s protocol
  • Apply Nemipore® on the wound shown below:
Remove one part of the paper liner prior to application, exposing the adhesive surface
Position dressing over the wound site and apply the dressing
Peel Off one of the Blue Tab
Firmly smooth adhesive border to the skin