Glutizyme is an enzymatic cleaner suitable for surgical and medical instruments including flexible and rigid endoscopes. Multi enzymatic solution aids in removal of organic material e.g. blood, pus, fat. It acts within minutes and provides superior efficacy.
CDC recommends to clean surgical instruments with an enzymatic cleaner before performing instrument disinfection1.

Multienzyme solution

Available Pack Size:

  • 1 ltr
  • 5 ltr


  • Biodegradable solution having neutral pH.
  • Excellent compatibility with wide range of materials.
  • Contains surfactant which enhances cleansing action.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor helps to increase the life of surgical instruments.

Where to Use

Area of Application:

Glutizyme can be used in various hospital areas for:

  • Pre cleaning of a variety of instruments and surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, OT, CSSD etc.
  • Pre cleaning of surgery equipment and cleaning of endoscopes and other medical devices.
  • Cleaning of instruments to be used in operation theatre, respiratory therapy, dental surgery, etc.

How to Use

The dilution of Glutizyme depends on degree of biological contamination on instruments.

Dilution Chart :

Degree of Biological Contamination on instruments Dilution Maximum recommended soak time (Ideal water temperature: 30- 40 0c )
High 10 ml per liter 1:100 8-9 minutes
Medium 7.5 ml per liter 1:150 8 minutes
Low 5 ml per liter 1:200 4-5 minutes
Low ( In ultrasonic bath) 5 ml per liter 1:200 2 minutes

Direction of Use :

  • After dilution, immerse instrument and soak for specified time.
  • After removal of instrument; wash under running tap water prior to sterilization.
  • Discard solution after use.
  • Do not allow biological residues to dry, if biological residues have dried then soak them for at least 20 minutes in Glutizyme enzymatic cleaner .


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