Highly Absorbent. Faster Gelling. Better Wet Strength


Calgisorb® is a sterile, white-to-off white, soft, conformable, non-woven, calcium alginate dressing for moderate to heavy exudating wounds. The dressing absorbs wound fluid to form a gelatinous mass which provides a moist wound healing environment.

Composition: Calcium Alginate

Code Dressing Size (cm) Shape Dressings Per Carton
10202 5 x 5 PAD 10
10404 10 x 10 PAD 10
10112 2 x 30 ROPE 5


  • Faster gelling and gel blocking; prevents lateral wicking and reduces risk of maceration.
  • Significant wet strength property; maximizes the potential for one piece removal.
  • High absorbency nature; extends dressing wear time.
  • Faster Gelling; Provides moist wound environment.
  • Promotes autolytic debridement; Prevents tissue dehydration and cell death.
  • Highly absorbent; up to 20 times its own weight.
  • Low adhesion to the wound; allows one piece & pain free removal.
  • Flexible, moldable and cutable; can be cut to required size.
  • Haemostatic properties; can be used in bleeding wounds.
  • Sterile, single use dressing

Where to Use

Calgisorb® dressings are recommended for moderate to heavy exuding wounds, deep and tunneling wounds

  • Leg ulcers.
  • Diabetic ulcers.
  • Graft and donor site.
  • Partial and Full-thickness burns.
  • Pilonidal sinus wounds and traumatic wounds.
  • Pressure ulcers, stage II; stage III.
  • Trauma wound.
  • Oncology wound.
  • Bleeding wound.
  • Post surgical wounds.
  • Rope Dressing is mainly used for deep wounds, tunneling wounds or tracts that needs to be filled..

How to Use

Pad Dressing: Prepare the wound bed & peri-wound skin as per your facility’s protocol

Select a size of Calgisorb® pad that is slightly larger than the wound. Cut/ trim Calgisorb® ( using sterile scissors), as per the size of the wound or fold Calgisorb® pad to the size & shape of the woundwidth: 235px
Place Calgisorb® pad in the wound bed properly with no more than 1/8 inch overlap at wound edge. This overlap is necessary, as dressing will retract slightly as it absorbs.
Cover with a secondary dressing. Make sure that the cover dressing can overlap the wound edge by at least an inch .

Rope Dressing: used for deep wounds, tunneling wounds or tracts that need to be filled Prepare the wound and peri- wound as per your facility’s protocol.

Using gloved finger or a sterile cotton tip applicator/ forceps, gently fill the wound depth with Calgisorb® Rope, cutting off any extra dressing
Make sure that Calgisorb® rope contacts all wound surfaces
Cover with a secondary dressing. Make sure that the cover dressing can overlap the wound edge by at least an inch

Dressing Change and Removal: Pad or Rope Calgisorb® can remain in situ upto 7 days, depending on the patient condition, the level of exudates

  • Gently remove the secondary dressing
  • Using gloved fingers/ sterile forceps slowly remove Calgisorb® from the wound bed
  • Rinse away remaining gel with gentle irrigation .
  • If Calgisorb® appears dry or adheres to the wound, saturate with sterile saline/ wound cleanser to aid in removal.