Simple Wounds, Better Managed


Nemiderm® is a sterile, waterproof, transparent, polyurethane (PU) film dressing. It is used for protection of wounds, to secure medical devices to the skin, as a cover to prevent skin breakdown.

Composition: Waterproof Transparent Film Dressing

Dressing Size Shape Dressing Per Carton
4.5 x 5 cm Square 25
6 x 7 cm Square 25
10 x 12 cm Oval 25
7 x 8.5 cm (VI) Square 25
10 x 25 cm Rectangle 25


  • Waterproof dressing; Facilitates bathing without removing the dressing.
  • Transparent dressing; Facilitates easy monitoring of wound and peri wound area.
  • Breathable dressing: Reduces the risk of maceration.
  • Bacteria proof Dressing; Prevents risk of wound contamination.
  • Maintains a moist environment; prevents tissue dehydration and cell death.
  • ERT dressing; Facilitates easier application and pain- free removal.
  • Sterile, single use dressing

Where to Use

Nemiderm® is typically used for superficial, minimally exuding wounds and to prevent skin breakdown due to friction or moisture exposure.
Protection of non-exuding wounds such as:

  • To cover sutures after surgery.
  • After sutures and clips are removed.
  • To prevent and treat superficial pressure ulcers.
  • To protect donor sites following skin harvesting.
  • Protective cover over IV catheter sites- to prevent infection.
  • To secure devices to patient’s skin.
  • As a seal in NPWT systems.
  • To protect skin from shearing forces.
  • As a carrier vehicle for antiseptics.
  • Minor burns

Nemiderm® can also be used for catheter fixation and as a primary or a secondary dressing.

How to Use

  • Prepare wound bed and peri- wound skin as per your facility’s protocol
  • Apply Nemiderm® on the wound shown below:
Remove one part of the Paper Liner prior to application, exposing the adhesive surface.
Position dressing over the wound site and apply the dressing.
Remove the second part of the Paper Liner and press the dressing smoothly into place, applying light pressure.
Peel Off one of the Blue Tab.
Peel off the Second Blue Tab. Seal securely around wound site. Firmly smooth adhesive border to the skin