Milsept* is a broad spectrum, new generation, non-stinging microbicidal antiseptic solution; recommended for cleansing, moistening and decontamination of acute and/or chronic wounds.


[Poly(hexamethylenebiguabide)hydrochloride] 1% v/v

Excipients q.s

Pack size : 100 ml


  • Broad spectrum of action including against MRSA, VRE and biofilms.
  • No known resistance reported till date .
  • Cleanser in the Milsept* helps remove slough and debris .
  • Reduces wound odor .
  • Non stinging, Non toxic .

Where to Use

Milsept* is recommended for cleansing, slough removal or non viable tissue debridement of any acute or chronic wounds with the added benefit of PHMB antimicrobial coverage.

Wound type:

  • First and second degree burns
  • Partial to full thickness dermal wounds
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Any leg ulcer
  • Pressure sores
  • Post operative wounds

Suitable for wound conditions like sloughy and granulating wounds

How to Use

Milsept* is a ready to use solution available in spray bottle.


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