Enhanced Performance of a Silver Hydro – Alginate Dressing


Calgisorb ® Ag is a combination of CMC and Alginate which enhances absorption of exudates. Silver compound is co-spun with the alginate ensuring a homogenous Calgisorb ® Ag dressing. .

Composition: Calcium Alginate Dressing with Antimicrobial Silver

Code Dressing Size Shape Dressings per Carton
9202 5 X 5 Pad 5
9404 10 X 10 Pad 5
9113 2.7 X 32 Rope 5


  • Combination of CMC & Calcium Alginate enhances absorption of exudates .
  • Quickly establishes an effective antimicrobial activity .
  • Sustained antimicrobial action upto 7days .
  • Antibiofilm properties .
  • Faster gelling .
  • High wet strength – allows one piece removal .
  • Reduces wound odour .
  • Sterile, single use dressing

Where to Use

Cagisorb ® Ag are recommended for moderate to heavily exuding, deep & tunneling wounds.

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous Leg ulcers
  • Arterial leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Burn Wounds
  • Donor Site
  • Oncology Wounds

How to Use

  • Clean the wound area with appropriate wound cleanser.
  • Pat the area around the wound dry.
  • Place the alginate dressing over the wound.
  • Secure a secondary dressing over the alginate dressing to hold it in place.
  • Change the dressing every one to three days, or when fluid starts to seep out from the edges of the dressings.
  • Before removing the alginate during a dressing change, use saline to dampen it in order to lower the risk of damaging the surrounding skin.


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