The Fast Acting Surface & Equipment Disinfectant


Sporilol* is an excellent, fast acting surface and equipment disinfectant. Sporilol* is an ideal choice for water sensitive surfaces as it does not harm the surface and leaves no residue on drying. Sporilol* provides rapid disinfection of OT in between surgeries.

Each 100 gms contain:

Ethanol (denatured) 10 gms
2-Propanol I.P. 9 gms
1-Propanol B.P. 6 gms
Corrosion inhibitors

Available Pack Size:

  • 250 ml Trigger Pack
  • 250 ml refill Pack
  • 5 ltr


  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses
  • Excellent disinfection for critical areas
  • No residue on drying
  • Achieves disinfection in 25 seconds
  • Alcohol evaporates quickly, hence rapid disinfection of OTs in between surgeries
  • Ideal for water sensitive surfaces

Where to Use

Sporilol* with dual role of cleaning and disinfecting which can be used for surfaces as well as equipments. It has wide area of application such as:

  • OT
  • IPD/ OPD
  • Emergency rooms
  • Medical laboratories
  • Wards and recovery rooms
  • Equipments made up of plastic, metals
  • Surface or material which is prone to corrosion

How to Use

Recommended dilutions:

  • Remove the visible dirt or debris from the surface or equipment to be disinfected.
  • Spray the Sporilol* solution on the surface & wipe it.

Surface and equipment disinfection: 25 sec.